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The Penn Educational Studies Program (Penn ESP) hosts a variety of courses that allow students to learn a variety of unconventional subjects. This program is geared towards generating a passion for learning, in a space where students are empowered to achieve their academic goals. Classes are taught by both Penn professors and college students who are committed to helping students achieve their academic potential.

Given that students have the opportunity to take unconventional courses, class topics may vary from standard curriculums. Nonetheless, these course topics are geared towards the interests of students; there are subjects available for every interest level.

Penn ESP is a student-run organization at the University of Pennsylvania, launched and run by undergraduates. Penn ESP is not officially connected to the admissions office or any administrative department at the University of Pennsylvania.

Penn ESP aims to provide opportunities for students to pursue their interests, in an enriching and academically stimulating environment.

Penn ESP program: Registration Penn ESP programs are available to students in grades 6 through 12, and students are free to register online.

To join ESP’s announcements mailing list, please make an account on this website. The main email address associated with each account will receive an email when registration for a program opens. Those who are interested in what ESP has to offer but can’t make the trip to Philadelphia might be interested in Learning Unlimited.

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